Sentry Binary 1 Button Remote


Sentry Binary 1 – Button

The SENTRY Binary One and Three are two variants of binary transmitters operating in the 403MHz range.

These are standard dip-switch type remote controls that feature up to 4096 unique codes in the binary transmission, in either one or three-button options. These transmitters are configurable to operate as standard remote controls or in a “split code” mode of operation for townhouse complexes where a given transmitter may be used to control multiple devices such as gates and garage doors, alarm systems and the like. These transmitters also feature a split-code mode which is very useful for use in townhouse complexes where a common code may be set for the gate but still allow the owner or tenant to have up to two user-unique buttons to control the individual garage doors.

Technical Specifications
Frequency: 403.55Mhz

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